By submitting payment/engaging the service you are agreeing to the following Private Session Policies:

Registration & Payment

Cancellation Policy

Photo & Video Release

Agreement to Hold Harmless & Assumption of Risk

The client understands that dog training services and activities are not without risk to themselves, dogs, property or other people. The client expressly assumes the risk of any damage or injury incurred to any person, animal or property as a result of a dog training session conducted by or on behalf of Pawsitive Culture Dog Training & Behaviour. The client agrees to absolve and hold harmless Pawsitive Culture Dog Training & Behaviour, Jen Coghlan, and any other parties associated with any service provided. The client agrees to make known any and all training, behavioural and health problems or concerns at the time of registration and agree to assume all responsibility for the actions of their dog(s) at the time of service and in future. Pawsitive Culture Dog Training & Behaviour is not responsible for any injury to or destruction of any person, animal or property at the time of service or in future. The client understands that Pawsitive Culture Dog Training & Behaviour will make no guarantee of results of the training services provided and agrees to pay all fees at the time requested.

In submitting payment, the client agrees that they have read, fully understand and consent to all content of this policy and waiver. These policies are subject to change without notice.