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Ideology & Training Methods

Trust between you and your dog is the foundation of our method. From the very beginning of training, you will build a strong and trusting bond with your dog. Both you and your dog need to feel comfortable and safe at all times. 

The science and psychology of Classical and Operant Conditioning is well-established, and research shows that positive reinforcement is highly effective with dogs. Lure and reward training is non-aversive and fear-free, so the bond you share with your dog only gets stronger as training progresses. Once you learn how to interpret your dog’s body language, you’ll find you can communicate more easily, without fear or frustration.

Food rewards are a strong motivator for most dogs. In the initial stages of training, we use these rewards to help the dog understand what we expect. As training progresses, you’ll find that you can use fewer food rewards and retain the positive behaviours. Your dog will be happy just knowing what you expect, and being able to give it to you.

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